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Recorded live on Mixlr on February 3 with help from producer Annaleis from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks.

  • A look back at our path to 200 episodes (01:17)
  • Shout outs to some past guest hosts (06:15)
  • The Nascara Minute: Boost your lips; fantasy league; technology updates to cars (09:07)
  • Wildest place you've had six words (14:33)
  • Our origin story (28:16)
  • Describe each other in six words (32:31)
  • Rapid fire questions - round 1 (35:56)
  • Best/Worst cheesy love songs (42:41)
  • Rapid fire questions - round 2 (54:44)
  • Puppies vs. Brady's arm (68:12)
  • A new sexbot podcast? (72:07)
  • Dream guest for the show (76:57)
  • Rapid fire questions - round 3 (69:38)
  • Start a rumor; deserted island (91:20)
  • Smurfs or Snorks? (96:46)

Outro - "Sometimes When We Touch" (1977) by Dan Hill

Check out more show information and episodes at Find us on twitter at @ReasonsAre. You can find Neil on twitter at @AngelsFreak7.

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