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  • Scott is battling through a bad illness (00:23)
  • Memorial Day weekend stories (03:00)
    - Northwest Trek (03:07)
    - Weeding is dangerous (04:58)
    - Cookies are bad for your Abs (09:16)
    - Matt ends up at a very dirty place (10:50)
  • All-NBA Teams announced and Scott makes teams of three out of them (21:04)
  • Scott loves Steven Adams, Western Conference collapse/comeback and Draymond Green's wild feet (27:07)
  • A look at the 20 most valuable soccer clubs in the world (37:12)
  • Euro 2016 is coming June 10 and we might start a pool for our listeners (41:42)
  • Scott's kid's team is getting fancy with a sponsor (43:50)
  • Mario's rental house and the garage sale neighbors (48:56)
  • Changes coming for Verne Lundquist and Chris Berman (53:37)
  • Rogue One Reshoots?! (57:22)
  • Shout out to the Stuff That Matters podcast for a kind review (60:23)

Intro - "In the House" (1994) by Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Outro - "Flava in Ya Ear" (1994) by Craig Mack

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