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  • A belated Happy Mother's Day (00:19)
  • Matt and the family went to Mt Hood (01:09)
  • We reminisce about Mt. St. Helens erupting in 1980 (03:48)
  • Matt might have broken his toe (06:53)
  • We catch up on the NBA Playoffs - most notably the Golden State-Portland series (10:32)
  • Listener Email: Can you appreciate a sports moment when it's the opponent doing it to your team? (21:47)
  • Dwight Howard is accidentally honest (26:34)
  • Adjusted post-draft over/under 2016 NFL wins (30:10)
  • How did April movies rate and earn? (36:55)
    - Keanu; Green Room; The Jungle Book; Criminal; Everybody Wants Some
  • Budweiser is temporarily changing their name (42:50)
    - Top-10 beers sold in the U.S. (46:33)
  • Scott's soccer manager career is back on (49:19)
  • Playing innappropriate music for your kids (54:37)
  • Premier League ends Sunday (56:16)

Intro - "In the House" (1994) by Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Outro - "Flava in Ya Ear" (1994) by Craig Mack

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